Friday Phrases

@amicgood initiated #FridayPhrases/#FP in September 2013. The idea is to tweet and retweet stories or poems within 140 characters on Fridays. For further information on Friday Phrases, please visit the website.

You can find my #FridayPhrases below:


Their souls were paired for eternity, he said, dragging her through the forest. That was fine while the going was good, she thought. #FP

The night was hot & humid, the sheets sweaty.  She was relieved to feel cool air on her bare thigh until she turned & saw what it was. #FP

His breathing was shallow. He’d decided not to look but at the last minute he did. The cliff face distorted into past loves as he fell. #FP


I passed the homeless girl’s doorway today. I used to avoid her eyes. Now she’s not there I miss her. #FP

Autumn leaves were falling.  She couldn’t give up the comfort of her ballet pumps despite her cold ankles. CRUNCH. SQUELCH. ‘Bloody snails!’ #FP

She was ready for battle: Hair ironed sleek, lips painted a deep cranberry, warrior posture. Bk at home her strength deserted her & she crumbled. #FP

‘Mummy, mummy!’ she said excitedly, her plump fingers pointing at the furry balls of orange.  Behind them, the vixen approached. #FP


Monsters live in the toilet bowl. He knew it. Toilet training as a baby took forever. Not flushing cost him his wife. But the monsters never got him #FP

‘Pumpkins make great weapons,’ she said. He was tied to a beam in the barn, orange goo everywhere. A cut-out smile was the last thing he saw #FP

Playtime at vampire school. Speed demons in darkened hall. Hopscotch bloodied slabs. Humans pinned to the vaulted ceiling. Snacktime soon #FP


I feared the day I would lose you. The solution was simple. You lie perfectly in a glass case. Now you will always be mine #FP

I long to swim in the sea again. I relive those days in my dreams. Sweet relief to forget the thrashing gilled monsters there now #FP


1st time he saw an escalator he was scared. Then he took off his sandals & watched them travel up the stairs. His name was Taufiq Two Brains #FP

Forty minuted of queuing. The stench of fried onions hung in the air. She snapped, swinging her handbag in circles. She needed that burger #FP

Bubbles and foam everywhere. She took off her clothes and slipped into the bath, smelling notes of lavender and bergamot. Alone at last #FP


She read curled up in the nook of a willow. Sunshine fell through its leaves. She saw only the light & shadows of the story #FP (For @raishimi)

Even as a baby he’d been fearless. As a man his mother despaired about his foolish bravery. He was the hero they’d all been waiting for #FP

She burned with anticipation when she saw him. He’d been her childhood crush. She’d waited 19 years to meet him. He would not escape #FP


Ruby red lips, sky-scraper heels and a razor-cut suit. Skilled negotiator, master manipulator. The boardroom vixen always gets her way #FP

The day she died he withdrew from the world. From then on he lived in his dreams, conjuring her up at will. Happy, deluded lover #FP

The wind swept her hair into a beehive as they ran hand in hand through the city. She tasted of cherries. A perfect day between strangers #FP


Her birthday neared. It was a big one. She said she didn’t want a fuss but she had her hair done just in case. Her lover knew & he was ready #FP

Without him I am not myself. He is my comfort my solace, she thought. Her friends knew better. His strength eroded hers. She did not exist #FP


Strings of words fell from their mouths relentlessly. She did her work quietly, praying for silence. Until the day she lost her cool #FP

He carried the weight of the world yet he walked with grace & courage. A fighter till the end, immortalised in song & dance #FP


My soul is black & my will forged in fire. I never forgive. When the night is still & you least expect it, I will come for you. I am vengeance #FP

He was a good man but he craved respect above all else. As his ego grew, his friends walked away. Loneliness was a bitter lesson #FP


An aching black hole opened at her core as she walked through the fields of poppies. He took her future with him when he fell #FP

‘You should be asleep, Clara. You’ll have to come home with me now.’ She looked at his snowy beard in wonder as her ears grew pointy #FP


She undressed on her way to the bath, leaving a trail of clothes for him to find. He’d had a hard day but she knew how to make it better #FP

He lived for Christmas. He was the queen of the panto. Out on that stage in his frilly dress he felt their adoration and it lifted him #FP


First her neck twisted then her back snapped & her arms grew leaden. She fled into the woods, only grunts escaping her once beautiful mouth #FP

He sat in silent repose as the winter sun warmed him. Outside the balding Christmas tree lay discarded on the street. New year, new start #FP


Her strait-jacket expelled
Freedom beckoned like a lost lover
Trailing its gentle touch down her arm
Her critics suddenly disarmed #FP

Love at 60
After a lifetime
Of waiting
Was not easy
The walls wore thin
Now they sit
Feet entwined
Loneliness exiled #FP


True friends on life’s twisty path
A candle burned from the start
Years stole their youth
One secret remained
Love unspoken till the end #FP

‘You really are something,’ he sighed. A slow smile spread across lips painted neon pink. Another heart for her collection #FP


I am nothing
Without words
Carving the darkness
From my soul
Bottling its essence
Creating beauty
From solitude #FP


They took his licence a 79. Scalded by the indignity, Mr Rebellious roared down the road in his sedan as if it were a fairground dodgem #FP

She walked by moonlight. Behind her, red eyes and a mouth like an abyss. Rae spun, strong & fearless. ‘I will have my beauty sleep tonight!’ #FP


The raven emerged from the mists & landed on his master. ‘You know what to do.’ They found the boy at dawn, his bright blues cruelly stolen #FP

They wore push-up bras; she wore her nan’s frocks. They read rags; she visited libraries. She didn’t care. But one day she picked up a blade #FP

He hid from life: no eye contact, blocked the world out with earphones. She coaxed him into the sun. In return he asked her to be his wife #FP


They were high-school sweethearts, who never stopped holding hands. When he got ill, they walked into the sea together smiling. No regrets #FP

The wizened old lady gave him a blue pill. His body stretched and bulged. He would have his choice of the girls tonight #FP


His reflection pained him: yellowed eyes & flesh that hung from his bones. An eager step into the time machine. A silent bye to loved ones #FP

She arranged expertly herself on the bed: an exposed thigh, dark tresses fanned out. She played the game well but the emptiness remained #FP


She huddled in a corner, novels piled up beside her & strewn across the floor. When they came she growled like a beast. Words were her world #FP

Grey skies opened & out came winged reptiles with slithering silver tongues. Great cities were devoured & left barren. Only two survived #FP


His body betrayed him, reacting to her scent, the silk of her skin. When she took off her war paint he was lost. Then she crushed him #FP


She sat w/her grandson in the sun, weak & wheezing. As the light faded she whispered ‘fairies are real’ & died. ‘Always did mess w/my head. Cow.’ #FP

Her bangles clanged as she entered the ornate tent. He followed, mesmerised. ‘Passion comes at a price’ she said, her tongue slithering forth #FP


A body of coins, dollar bills for hair & eyes the colour of molten metal. He was welcome everywhere but at peace nowhere #FP #milliondollarman


At dawn he clambered straight from bed to the armchair, swapping heavy sleep for daydreams. There he lived out his life, imprisoned by fear #FP

The hat flew away, escaping her reach by a finger’s breadth. She pictured herself leaping into the abyss after it & sighed. Maybe another day #FP


She expelled him from her womb under a dark sky. A luminous dragon, which charred her skin when he suckled. He grew & became her protector #FP

Her skin was flushed in the warm air. She lay on a bed of poppies, comforted by the ghosts of fallen men as the poison stole her future #FP

An oasis in the Big Smoke
Flowers like jewels
Lovers pondering
The swiftness of time
Wrinkles fold into their skin
Soon old will be new #FP


She sits in a velvet chair in the corner of the room & weeps. There is no time for goodbyes, just regrets. He comes towards her, axe in hand #FP

She trembled as the vines twisted towards her. At her feet was a dandelion. She made a wish. Her human form evolved. Now she was the hunter #FP


Day after day he sat at her grave talking gently to what was left of her. Nostalgia banished fraught memories. They had never been closer #FP

It visited us in a ship of stars. It mourned our dying planet & tore at its body until an orb of light spun from its core bringing renewal #FP


The city slept as drink fuelled passion pushed the lovers to new highs. At dawn they straightened their clothes & put on their masks again #FP

He was a good cook and a better actor. She ate the poisoned soup greedily. She believed he loved her. She was wrong #FP

She was the harlot who broke his parents up. He didn’t expect to fall in love w/her. Choosing her meant forsaking all else. It was worth it #FP


By day she was demure, devoted to her children’s every need. By night she was another creature: wanton, bold, vengeful. It was her time #FP

‘Another one bites the dust’, she said. By her feet lay all the men who had ever disappointed her. It was a shame she’d slept with so many #FP

Raven’s hair turned black the day her dad died. When she sprouted wings she knew just what to do. Not even heaven could keep them apart #FP


He bled onto the page but his stories slipped through his fingers. Their essence evaporated into the air until only despair was left #FP

New grandpa Tom wasn’t ready for an armchair & slippers yet. He handed back the baby & headed out for a nightcap with his latest squeeze #FP


At twenty she dreamt of being a trophy wide. The years brought her jets & jewels. As her porcelain skin cracked it was love she craved #FP

The boat rocked under a starless sky. Wu tied his mum’s lover to the hull. In his hand was a shard of glass. ‘You’re not stepdad material.’ #FP


She was 12 when he first saw her, all limbs & a cloud of ginger hair. 10 years later innocence had fled, a smear of red lipstick in its place. #FP


Rose felt powerful as she sliced deeply, revealing tender muscles glistening red in his neck. ‘You played me. Now I will play you.’ #FP

The yellow pill had jagged edges. When he took it he bloomed. The world fizzed with colour. On day 4 the effects wore off & he was desolate. #FP


He imprisoned her in a damp cabin. Each week he brought her meagre provisions. It was human contact she needed. In time she began to love him #FP


My angel muse draped in white silk

Buoyed me with her honeyed song

But midwife to my greatest work

Was my unruly muse w/her forked prong #FP

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