References and Portfolio

“Nillu’s critique of my manuscript for my Young Adult novel was just what I needed. So thorough and detailed. Absolutely spot on. I can’t thank her enough.” – Willow Renner,

“I needed some expertise within the areas of content, graphics and layout. Nillu was full of useful tips and helpful recommendations for the way forward within the set up of the pages. Nillu was always punctual and reliable. Our conversations, whether by email, telephone or face to face, were always encouraging and constructive. I valued Nillu’s opinion as she was professional yet approachable. I look forward to working with Nillu again in the future.” – Sharon Perry, Nursery Manager, Pollyanna Day Nursery.

“Nabs has excellent research and analytical skills and is able to translate strategic vision into tangible deliverables. She is insightful and possesses genuine emotional intelligence.” – Paul Igbokwe, Head of Public and Community Liaison Unit, Mayor of London’s Office.

Client roll

London Older People’s Strategies Group – building a template and reformatting newsletter using MS Publisher (Nov 2013)

Pollyanna Day Nursery – building a newsletter design template in MS Publisher, assisting with newsletter concept and content and writing an article ‘What Makes A Book Lover?’ aimed at encouraging children to read (Nov 2013)

Article on Make a Living Writing (41,000 readers, Jan 2014) – ‘5 Ways Introverts Freelance Writers Can Do Painless Marketing‘.

Guest posts

The Manly Art of Writing (Womanly Edition)‘, Prose Before Ho Hos (January 2014)

‘Divinity and Our Sense of Self’, elephant journal (March 2014)

Guest judging

Flash! Friday Micro-fiction competition (January-March 2014)


For further samples of my work, please email write [at] nillunasserstelter [dot] com.